Got liquidated 1.7 BTC guess I’m just dealing with the motions now.

Sorry for venting but I guess I’ve learned my lesson.. My friend got me into bitcoin trading on Bitmex and I bet one of my bitcoin (I only had two) up to trade with. The markets were doing great and I spent a whole month losing sleep scalping whatever I could.

The last few weeks with CME coming out has literally screwed me. Though my liquidation price is was low I lost a significant amount with the dip to 11K. All good I was still in the game with a fair amount.

After that it was a shit show. I kept entering just as the direction changed. I used huge margins thinking I could get it back boy was I wrong.

Kind of angry at myself because translated into numbers I lost 20K (maybe more) which is a huge amount for me. I guess luckily I purchase my coin for 2500 so I’m telling myself that’s all I really lost.

Gambling is terrible and I guess that’s what I did. Hodling my last coin and guess I’m just following the news with the rest at this point.

Whatever Bitmex was a sweet escape from my breakup! I lost sleep had tons of heart attacks and anxiety but it was fun while it lasted 😇😇😇

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